En esta sección podrás descargar la última versión de ClickSign y otras herramientas de utilidad.

Download latest ClickSign version for digital signature

ClickSign 10.8.4

Web Plugin compatible with Firefox v+57.

Old Versions

ClickSign 10.8.3

Web Plugin compatible with Chrome 58.

ClickSign 10.8

PortaSigma Web plugin

ClickSign 10.7.4

Improved management extension " xsig " necessary for spanish platform FACE

Improved processing input encodings

ClickSign 10.7

Support to"xsig" extension, to be uploaded to FACE platform

ClickSign 10.6

Java 8 compatibility in XML documents

ClickSign 10.5

Better visible signature management

Improvements in proxy management

ClickSign 10.3

Windows XP activation problems solved

New update system

License export

ClickSign 10.2

Windows 64 bit systems compatible

Diagnose feature

Introduction digital signature tutorial

XAdES problems solved

License detection problems solved

ClickSign 10.1

New upload to PortaSigma feature

Advanced PDF visible signature features

1 Month free Pro demo

ClickSign version 10.0

CliskSign Plus distribution

Free needs register

New look & Feel

Signature of password protected PDF's

ClickSign version 9.12

New setup interface

PDF visible signature setup

Support for connection through proxy

ClickSign version 9.11

Selection of Windows certificates (Cryptoapi)

XML format with Signloop

Efficient memory management for SignLoop

ClickSign version 9.10

SignLoop (Clicksign Pro)

Certification authorities update

Easiest Installer


Visible PDF signature (Clicksign Pro)

ClickSign version 9.04

Certification Authorities update

XAdES support

Automatic selection of the validation method (extracted from the information in the certificate)

XML enveloping and detached signature support

ClickSign version 9.01

ClickSign creation