Somos la referencia en firma electrónica

Si sabe que la firma electrónica representa para usted una oportunidad de reducir costes y mejorar procesos, no dude en contactar con nosotros.

Who are we?


isigma is a technology consultancy whose mission is to assist our clients in the migration of the administrative burden of their business processes to electronic media; from planning till building digital signature solutions for this purpose.

Core values

The DNA that should lead us to properly develop our mission, consists of the following properties:

  • Always keep within our focus of knowledge
  • Demonstrate attention towards and flexibility for our customers
  • Constantly formulate training and education in all matters related to digital signatures
  • Keep the focus on the three core aspects involved: technical, legal and business
  • Innovation and continual research on how to improve processes for digital signatures
  • Propagate the benefits of digital signatures to expand their usage