Descubre por qué ClickSign puede ser tu herramienta personal para firmar facturas y otros documentos digitales.

ClickSign features

PDF signature

Signing PDF documents

ClickSign will allow you to sign any PDF document in the easiest way. You won't need to open it.


Other format signature

Firmar electrónicamente documentos

Any document extensión can be signed using ClickSign. XML documents, will be signed using XMLDsig format. Any other extensions (except PDF) will be signed in either attached or detached PKCS#7. Available in clicksign Pro.


Multiple signatures

Multiple elextronic signature

This means more tan a signature might be added to a document.


Advanced visible signature

Advanced visible signature

Customize signature fields with any imatge.


Automatic signature(SignLoop)

Massive document signature

Groups of documents will be signed with a chosen digital certificate, by just moving them to a chosen input folder. Once signed, will be moved to the chosen output folder. Available in ClickSign Pro.


Command Signature

Signing documents using command executions

This allows ClickSign usage from third pary applications.


Requesting signatures to other people

Firma electrónica online

This can also be done from ClickSign. The request will be sent using PortaSigma.


ClickSign Watermark

ClickSign Watermark

When signing with the free version, a watermark is added to the document, for letting other people know about ClickSign.