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What benefits does Clicksign PRO offer me, compared to the free version of Clicksign?

  • When signing PDF's, no graphic mark is added to the document, only the signatures that we want to make visible. The free version of Clicksign adds the following::

Marca incrustada en documentos electrónicos firmados con Clicksign

  • It will allow you to add more than one electronic signature to the documents. This is especially useful for signing contracts involving different parts
  • In addition to PDF documents, you can sign XML, Word, JPG documents. This is especially useful if you want to use Clicksign as an intellectual property protection tool.
  • You can have the SIGNLOOP function, which will allow you to define an automated signature process for documents. Once configured you will only have to worry about depositing your documents in the signature folder that you have defined. This function is especially useful if you need to sign digital invoices, both in PDF format, and in XML - facturae.