En esta sección encontrarás todas las instrucciones necesarias para utilizar ClickSign.

Clicksign for linux

Clicksign: Linux desktops integrated electronic signature

Firma digital para GNU Linux

Now Clicksign can be integrated on most of GNU/Linux desktops.

As easy as execute a script that will install the application at your HOME and will make the menus on your desktop to access quickly to all of the application functions.

Download now Clicksign4Linux if you have not do it yet and start to apply digital signature at your documents



Electronic signature on your Linux desktop

On the applications menu you have the submenu Clicksign with its items where you can incorporate digital signature on your GNU Linux.

Opciones de firma electrónica
If you want to sign click with right button over a PDF file, on "open with", will be shown the Clicksign digital signature options that acts ovet that document.

Firma digital en documentos PDF



Minimal requirements for electronic signature on Linux

Minimal requirements to use electronic signature using Clicksign on your Linux

You may need to unlock the “partner” repository, to do that just you have to uncomment removing the # character on the following lines for /etc/apt/sources.list:

# deb <name> partner
# deb-src <name> partner

Where "name" references your Linux operative system.

To apply changes:

$sudo apt-get update

Now you can install the package:

$sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre

Optional requirements (depending the electronic certificate that you will use) to use Clicksign's electronic signature

First you have to prepare the environment depending the kind of electronic signature device.

Signature from PKCS#12 files (P12/PFX)

First you will need to install the Java "Unlimited Strength Encryption Policy" extension.

That requirement references the article: "I have problems signing with the PKCS12"

Signature with smart card (eDNI)

First you have to install the following packages on your operative system:

$sudo apt-get install libccid pcscd libpcsclite1 pcsc-tools pinentry-gtk2

Now download the last OpenSC version from eDNI web site.

Once you have downloaded it extract and install the package.



Install electronic signature on Linux

1. Extract the application data:

$tar -xvzf clicksign4linux-10.0.tar.gz

2. Install the application:

Grant execution permission on the installer script

$chmod u+x

Execute the installer


You can avoid to grant permissions to the installer calling the shell and reciving the installer as argument, for example:


The electronic signature application will be installed in your HOME as a directory named clicksign that is the reason
why you do not have to execute with sudo but you will need superuser privileges because during the installation process
sudo will be called and will ask you for your UNIX password to integrate the application on the desktop.