En esta sección encontrarás todas las instrucciones necesarias para utilizar ClickSign.

SignLoop for masive signature

Activity log

Clicksign Pro lets to you define a SignLoop log file. To setup that file edit the "" on Clicksign installation directory and append the line:

signloop.LogFile=Path of the log file, for example:



Closing a batch signature session

When you want to leave a SignLoop batch signature session you have to:

1. Focus with the mouse over the icon on notification area and click with right button, a menu will be shown.

Cerrar una sesión de firma electrónica masiva

This menu lets to you reboot the session and will ask for your certificate PIN again, or just leave the session.

2. Choose "Exit" and you will terminate the session.


SignLoop setup

Decide the directory that you want place the documents for sign and the output directory where you will take them signed:

1. Choose the entry "Setup" from Clicksign's menu

Configuración de SignLoop

You can open the setup menu by a mouse right click over any document. The contextual menu will appear where you have the "Setup" entry

Opciones de firma electrónica de SignLoop

2.The following dialog will be shown

Configuración de as opciones de de SignLoop

3. Choose the directory that you want place the documents for sign and the output directory where you will take them signed.

4. If the inbox directory will recive PDF with password you will require add them. To do it you have to writ it on the text area at the side of "Add" once you have wrote it click over Add button. Automatically will be moved to the text area where are the setted passwords. If you want to delete some password you just have to select it and click the button "Delete"

5. Click the button "Apply", you have now your directories configured. When you start Signloop all of the documents that you place on the inbox directory will be signed and moved to the outbox directory.


SignLoop for document batch electronic signature

Signloop is a Clicksign Pro function wich you will be able to sign PDF documents automatically. Place your documents on a inbox directory and take it signed in a outbox directory. You will need just one electronic signature device and type the PIN entry one time.

Firma electrónica masiva de documentos