En esta sección encontrarás todas las instrucciones necesarias para utilizar ClickSign.

Other formats of electronic signature

With Clicksign Plus and Clicksign Pro you will be able to sign any document kind. When you perform a signature operation over a document that is not a XML or PDF, Clicksign will sign on PKCS#7 format.

Signed document struct

On sign a document as PKCS#7 depending the option selected we will sign as: attached or detached.

  • Attached: This makes a document with the signature in one file. The extension is ".p7a"
  • Detached: This makes the original document itself and the signature as a other file. The extension is ".p7d"

Advantages and drawbacks of attached and detached formats

Advantages Drawbacks
Attached The file ".P7a" is enough as licit evidence Is not possible view the document. You have to extract it first
Detached Is not neccessary extract the document to view it You need the ".p7d" file as evidence and the original document


Check on configuration section of how to select between the both formats. We recommend that you sign with attached because is enough with one file as licit evidence and you can extract the document to view it.