En esta sección encontrarás todas las instrucciones necesarias para utilizar ClickSign.

Opening a batch signature session

1. Be sure you have a electronic signature device installed, software (PKCS#12) or Hardware (like eDNI)

2. Choose the entry "SignLoop" of ClickSign menu

Firma electrónica avanzada masiva

The follow icon will be shown on the notification area:

Iniciando firma electrónica masiva

3. You will know that there is a SignLoop session opened because the following icon will be shown:

Icono de Signloop

If you do not have a signature device installed and you try to open a SignLoop session the following icon will be shown:


Icono de Signloop sin dispositivo de firma

4. A dialog asking for your signature device PIN will be shown:

Introducción del PIN del dispositivo de firma

5. Type the correct PIN and click "OK"

6. A dialog on certificate section will be shown like on all the signature process:

Lista de certificados electrónicos

7. Choose a certificate and press "OK".

If you have follow all the previous steps, you have a SignLoop session opened. All the files you place (for example, invoices) on inbox directory will be signed and placed on the outbox directory (for example, as a legal electronic invoice) that you have setup, or if you do not do it yet, the default definition.